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Currently, in world practice, the most progressive method of treating neurotic, depressive and other similar conditions is considered to be a combination of drug therapy and psychotherapy (for example, cognitive-behavioral therapy).
This makes it possible for a patient with moderate painful manifestations to return to normal life after 4-8 sessions.
It is this technique that I use in my practice.

Psychologist Session

Individual psychotherapy

Have you experienced severe stress?
Can't find yourself in life?
Can't understand what is happening to you?
Together we find answers to these and many other questions with my patients. The main thing is not to wait! Everything can be returned, except for time. Contact us!
"The road will be mastered by the walking one."

Family psychotherapy

Family crisis?
Can't find mutual understanding? Nothing wrong. You just need to look at the problem from the other side and the answer will be there. Contact us! If you want with your spouse, you want it yourself first. Together we will solve any problem!
Do you want a child?
All analyzes are good, but the problem is not being solved?
Call, come and you will find out how I can help you.

молодая пара

Online consultation

Currently, online services have been actively introduced into our lives.
They also entered medical practice. On the one hand, this is not bad. The doctor can not only consult you online, but also write out an electronic prescription, if necessary.
This is convenient when you cannot come to an appointment or are far from the doctor.
Contact me and I will help you wherever you are!

Home consultation

Do you or your close relative need the advice of a psychotherapist, but cannot come to the appointment?
In such cases, I can come to you and provide help with neurotic, depressive conditions, phobias, age-related changes, fears.
Call and get an answer to your question right now!